A-Mazing Words thumbnail

A-Mazing Words

Ages: [4-6] [Word]

In this spelling game, early readers make their way through the maze by popping the bubbles that spell the featured word.

Balance Me thumbnail

Balance Me

Ages: [2-3] [Puzzle]

In this early math game for preschoolers, balance the seesaw by finding the object or animal that matches in size.

Balloon Blow-Up thumbnail

Balloon Blow-Up

Ages: [4-6] [Number]

In this online math game for preschoolers, count the items and pop the balloon that contains the larger number set.

Beach Ball Balance thumbnail

Beach Ball Balance

Ages: [4-6] [Number]

In this online math game for kindergarteners, use early addition skills to balance the raft by choosing the correct beach balls.

Beaker Bonanza thumbnail

Beaker Bonanza

Ages: [2-6] [Puzzle]

Berry Pinkwad is thirsty! Give her the beakers in order of quantity: least, middle, and most.

Bubble Up thumbnail

Bubble Up

Ages: [2-3] [Number]

In this early math game for preschoolers, match the number on the sun with the numbers in the floating bubbles.

Cloud Maze thumbnail

Cloud Maze

Ages: [2-3] [Word]

In this early reading game for preschoolers, guide the spaceship back to Earth by following the path of matching letters.

Color Bars thumbnail

Color Bars

Ages: [1-5] [Number]

In this size comparison game for preschoolers, learn about counting and lengths by clicking on the color bar that is longer.

Dart Deduction thumbnail

Dart Deduction

Ages: [4-6] [Number]

Step right up! Solve the subtraction equation, and throw the dart to pop the balloon with the correct answer.

Deep Letter Dive thumbnail

Deep Letter Dive

Ages: [2-3] [Matching]

In this early reading game for preschoolers, match the letter on the submarine with the letters in the floating bubbles.

Flashy Cards thumbnail

Flashy Cards

Ages: [4-6] [Matching]

In this online memory game for preschoolers and kindergarteners, memorize letters and pictures and think about letter sounds to match up the flashcards.

Heat Wave thumbnail

Heat Wave

Ages: [4-6] [Word]

In this early literacy game for preschoolers, get to know the order of the alphabet by connecting the letters on the pipes to fill up the pool.

Jungle Maze thumbnail

Jungle Maze

Ages: [4-6] [Number]

Learn number recognition by clicking on the correct number to reach the flying saucer at the end of the maze.

Letter Splash thumbnail

Letter Splash

Ages: [2-3] [Word]

Learn the alphabet by launching each letter from the diving board into the inner tube.

Mushroom Bounce thumbnail

Mushroom Bounce

Ages: [4-6] [Number]

Preschoolers can learn to count from one to ten by jumping on each mushroom in the right order!

Puzzle Me thumbnail

Puzzle Me

Ages: [4-6] [Puzzle]

Preschoolers can learn all about shapes when they complete the puzzle by matching each shape to its correct place on the picture.

Rhyme Time thumbnail

Rhyme Time

Ages: [4-6] [Word]

Go on an underwater adventure by finding and matching the two words that rhyme.

Ring-a-Ding thumbnail


Ages: [4-6] [Number]

Practice addition by clicking on the ring with the correct answer to the equation.

Shape Shack thumbnail

Shape Shack

Ages: [4-6] [Matching]

Complete the pattern by choosing the right shape from the conveyor belt.

Skater Sequence thumbnail

Skater Sequence

Ages: [2-6] [Number]

Skate down the path and collect the numbers up to 10, but be careful of the obstacles! Move the arrows up to jump, or down to duck.

Spin Time thumbnail

Spin Time

Ages: [4-6] [Word]

Learn the alphabet by choosing the correct letter that belongs in the sequence of letters given.

Sunken Treasure thumbnail

Sunken Treasure

Ages: [4-6] [Puzzle]

One picture from the treasure chest is different from the others. Can you spot the difference? Use your mouse to find the one that doesn't fit!

Trading Spaces thumbnail

Trading Spaces

Ages: [4-6] [Puzzle]

Find your way through outer space by circling the object to the left or right with the laser beam!

Treehouse Builder thumbnail

Treehouse Builder

Ages: [4-6] [Number]

Work on building the treehouse by finding two shorter bars that equal the longer bar at the top.

Water Slide thumbnail

Water Slide

Ages: [2-3] [Number]

Connect the dots in the right order to take ride down the slide into the pool.

What's My Letter? thumbnail

What's My Letter?

Ages: [4-6] [Word]

Complete the word by selecting the missing letter.

Word Gobble thumbnail

Word Gobble

Ages: [4-6] [Word]

Help Gonk gobble up the word with the same vowel sound as the featured word.

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